Różany Gaj Hotel Opening

On October 10, 2012 ceremonial opening of the Różany Gaj Hotel in Gdynia took place. The Hotel was reopened after an extensive renovation and has gained completely new design.

Indoors of the hotel has been designed in the way that combines exclusive modernity with a friendly and warm atmosphere of the building.

Lighting plays important role to obtain such an effect. Except for standards, we followed our new technology, which enables us to create luminaries with a various shapes and dimensions.

We designed and manufactured a luminary 10 m height, and dimension of 0,6 m. 300 LED diodes are used as a light sources, 72 W power in total, and one 50W halogen bulb. Construction of the luminary is made of steel units entangled with aluminum wire.

The result is stunning, see yourself.