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Loop series fixtures are based on the technology of bent aluminum profiles. BB-Chili module spotlights will add theatrical character to the interiors. Choose from up to eleven diameters to arrange your space in a unique way. The Loop series includes everything you need to satisfy aesthetic feelings and a reasonable approach to lighting.



Light distribution

In spotlight modules such as Loop Chili there are two versions of light distribution: direct or direct/indirect. Two light distribution angles, 30 and 60 degrees, are available in each of these versions. Direct light emission is provided by Chili technology. Indirect distribution, on the other hand, is achieved by linear modules equipped with a satin diffuser.

Suspended mounting

Loop profiles offer two options for suspended mounting: with a central or side ceiling box. Mounting with a central ceiling box is used for fixtures with a diameter of Ø 614 to Ø 1742 mm.


The proportions of this profile are a balanced compromise between a sophisticated design and a modular fixture technology. A lighting insert is installed with magnets, which significantly speeds up installation and maintenance of the fixture.

Eleven diameter sizes

Depending on the diameter, Loop fixtures consist of a various number of arches, from two to as many as ten.

Number of light points and profile diameter

The number of Chili light points in Loop fixtures is strictly adjusted to the diameter of the circle, e.g. the smallest diameter contains 8, while the largest contains as many as 80 lights.

Healthier light

With a low UGR, the effect of glare is reduced, providing exclusive lighting quality and ultimate visual comfort. 

Beam angle 30° UGR <10.
Beam angle 60° UGR <19.

LFO technology

Researchers at the Bartenbach laboratory in Austria have developed the technology to create a line of modern BB-Chili luminaires. Its greatest strength lies in what cannot be seen, as light is emitted in a way that is invisible to the eye. Its innovative optics design ensures that light is focused in a as small space as possible and then disperses unobtrusively throughout the room.


It offers the possibility to freely adjust the height of the fixture's suspension with up to 1 mm accuracy. You may also change the position of the micropositioner along the profile.


Thanks to special skirts in the place of profile connection, lighting through gaps has been totally eliminated. In addition, these skirts allow two modules to be positioned relative to each other before they are permanently connected.

Mechanical fastener

The mechanical fastener enables tool-less connection of individual modules in the entire system. 


A wide range of colours facilitates matching profiles both to ascetic and eclectic interiors. You can choose from sixteen colors.




Loop Brochure
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