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The profiles of the U32.32 group are minimalist in shape and have more visible lighting lines. They are in medium size and are available in built-on, suspended and built-in versions, in frameless, shallow recessed, deep recessed and asymmetrical variants.

Profiles System


The U32.32 profiles are available in six mounting types:
C built-on, S suspended, T built-in frameless, V built-in shallow recessed, W built-in deep recessed, A built-in asymmetrical.

Materials and finishing

The U32.32 profiles are made of anodized aluminum or powder coated in white or black. Available with linear, BB-Chili, BB-Tube and system connectors. Satin or microprismatic diffusers are recommended.

BB-Chili modules

The BB-Chili is based on Bartenbach technology with LFO optics and with a 30 and 60 degree beam spread angle. Not available for profile version with asymmetrical mounting.

BB-Tube modules

The BB-Tube module uses LFO optics developed in the Bartenbach lab. Beam spread angle of 30 or 60 degrees. The light source can be adjusted vertically or horizontally by tilting it up to 90 degrees or rotating them up to 355 degrees around their axis. Available for C, S, T mounting variants.

LFO technology

Researchers at the Bartenbach laboratory in Austria have developed the technology to create a line of modern BB-Chili and BB-Tube luminaires. Its greatest strength lies in what cannot be seen, as light is emitted in a way that is invisible to the eye. Its innovative optics design ensures that light is focused in a as small space as possible and then disperses unobtrusively throughout the room.

System connectors

Connector designations refer to the shape of the letters of the alphabet or their arrangement against a surface, e.g. ML refers to the letter L, MX to the letter X, MT to the letter T. The MH connector refers to the horizontal alignment of two segments joined at 135 degrees. The connectors are available for the U32.32 profile series in the C, S, T mounting versions.

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